Mare Wakefield & Nomad

Of all the songs you've written do you have any that you're especially proud of more so than your other songs? Do you feel it is the lyrics, the music, or a bit of both that makes this/or these song(s) special?

Mare Wakefield & Nomad responded on 11/06/2013

Wow, great question! Had to think about this one. I personally tend to like the looooong ballads and story songs like "Dear J," off Meant to Be; "Arizona" off Ironwood; "Leroy" and "Lullaby" off of Take Me Home. These seem to be the songs that I never get tired of playing, and they really paint a picture. However, I also know that in a live performance I can't expect people to listen to long slow ballads all night :-) So maybe part of what makes them special is how rarely they get played live -- really needs to be the "right" kind of audience before I feel like an 8 minute ballad is appropriate. Re: lyrics vs. melody. For me, impossible to separate. They come to me together, always. Thanks for the great question!

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