Mare Wakefield & Nomad

Nomad and Mare,
It's 1 year later after we first met in Newport Oregon!
Hey thanks for all the free songs!
We, my Thai wife Busadee and I, will be travelling to Fla via Nashville I hope and we will come see you play. Can u send a link of your schedule.
I sincerely hope we see u then!@#$% Happy Holidaz.
Larry and Busadee Whitmore,
residence in CT and FLA, ya'll come down!

Mare Wakefield & Nomad responded on 01/04/2014

Hi Larry and Busadee :-) We're actually in Florida right now!! Show in Tallahassee on Tuesday Jan. 7th and house concert in Ft. Lauderdale area TONIGHT! Get in touch if you're in either area. All shows can be found on our website, here's the direct link to the concerts page:

Thanks for getting in touch!

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