Mare Wakefield & Nomad

Hi Mare and Nomad:
Thanks so much for the concert Friday October 2. We felt really privileged to hear you in such an intimate venue.
One question: what song of yours was played on Car Talk?
Thanks. Hope Penny holds up for the journey home and that you find some great places to visit.
I do hope you submit for tiny desk concerts on NPR, I think you should win, or at least we should get to hear you on Morning/Weekend Edition!

Mare Wakefield & Nomad responded on 10/03/2015

Thanks so much!!!! We will submit to tiny desk :-) the song on car talk was "I'll Drive" off of the pink/salmon colored record "take me home". We don't have that record anymore, sold out. But will send u an MP3 ASAP!

Hope to see you again soon.
Thank u so much

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