Mare Wakefield & Nomad

So many of your songs create mental images. Do you see mind pictures of some of them as you are writing the lyrics? Does the melody ever create images on it's own?

Mare Wakefield & Nomad responded on 11/28/2016

When I sing some songs, I always tend to see a "movie" playing in my head. "Bernice and Bernadette" is one like that, "Leroy" and "Lullaby" (off the record Take Me Home) are that way too. And yes, I guess these images and pictures started while writing. Other songs just tend to evoke an emotion. But for me, I usually do have a solid story in my head -- complete with pictures. With melody (no words) it's more of a "feeling" like happy, sad, silly, melancholy … but sometimes there are images. Our song "Waiting" (off Poet on the Moon) came melody first, and for a long time I had no lyrics, but kept seeing a picture of a snowy landscape. When the lyrics finally came, there was ice moving, snow melting and "cold hearts." :-)

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