Mare Wakefield & Nomad

When people tell you how one of your songs touched them, are you ever surprised at their interpretation of the song? Does it ever change the way you look at the song?

Mare Wakefield & Nomad responded on 11/28/2018

Hi Dave, Thanks so much for this question and apologies for my delay in response. The first "real" song I ever wrote took third place in a local songwriting contest, so quite a bit of exposure for such a new writer. After I performed a woman came up to me and told me that she had cried every time I'd played the song (three rounds in the competition). To me, the song wasn't even sad. But I realized that it was meaningful to her because of something in her past experience. For this reason, I sometimes try to leave my "explanations" of songs open ended, so that people are able to lay their own meaning upon it. I definitely feel that our job as writers is to try and connect people with their own emotions, NOT to tell them how to feel. Hope that's helpful!! :-D xoxo

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